Concept Art Characters, Objects, & Locations

Welcome to the gallery of concept art. Here you will find all the concept art I have so far created for this project with both the most up to date concepts and past concepts posted. Click on an image below to see the concept art page for that character, object, or location. 

Remember: All conceptual artwork and other intellectual property presented here is Copyright © 2009 – 2018 Lizzie Prusaczyk. All Rights Reserved. Please do not take my work without asking me for permission first.

Character Concepts

Here are all the concept renders of the characters that will be seen in the novel. In addition to the latest and final concept renders, I will also post past character concepts so that you can see each character’s evolution.

Object Concepts

Here are concept renders of various objects, symbols, and other miscellaneous items that will be featured prominently in the graphic novel.

Location Concepts

Location concepts are coming soon!

Please Help the Shelby Bly Project

I need your help to continue and finish the Shelby Bly Project. Please consider donating to help this continue. This novel is a huge undertaking and financial investment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. All donations will be handed by PayPal. See the Donate page for more information.
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