Frequently Asked Questions About the Project

Here are some of the questions I have been asked about the Shelby Bly Project. If you don’t find an answer to a question that you have about this project, please contact me and ask your question. Click on a question below to see the answer appear below it.

Last Updated: January 17, 2018

  • Because after looking at the original novel (which I had planned to just fix the few errors I found after having illustrated all pages then have it published) I realized it was just far too flawed both story-wise and the illustrations themselves for me to continue working with the old novel at all. I decided to start with a clean slate and do the absolute best that I can do now. I’ve learned quite a bit more about storytelling, writing, and how best to illustrate the pages since I first started. I want my first published graphic novel to be something I can be truly proud of and not be constantly thinking “I could have done so much better”.

  • I’m now writing the fifth and final draft of the story so I can finally, properly answer this question. The story has been completely rewritten. Few elements of the original remain. The story is now longer with even more locations, action sequences, and fully fleshed out characters. I fixed countless plot holes, completely did away with some elements entirely, and wrote an entirely brand new ending. If you have seen the first, original novel… you ain’t seen nothing yet! This will be brand new to all of you.

  • Short answer: Not exactly. Long answer: Shelby will still be searching ancient sites around the world to discover the secrets of the Vril-ya but her motives have changed. Her father will have a vastly expanded role in the new story. I also expanded the roles of a few other key characters plus I added some new characters all of which will be far more fleshed out in the new story. All in all, it will be a completely new experience that you won’t want to miss!

  • For starters, their looks have changed along with some of their names (you can see that on the Concept Art page). This time, before writing the main story, I sat down and wrote the backstories, motives, and methods of each and every character. Now the characters are actual “living” characters rather than just set pieces that aren’t always there for a sensible reason. Each character will be used far more in the story and for legitimate reasons rather than just suddenly appearing along for the ride.

  • I have no idea. I’m hoping for sometime in late 2018 if I’m lucky and work really hard at it. Could be sooner, could be later. There are just too many factors to consider in order to come up with any sort of precise release date. Would you like to know how you can help? Click here.

  • So far, I’m thinking it will not be online for free (for most) since it is such a financial investment for me. I’m sorry, but that’s what I’m thinking for now. I will definitely make it available for free to donors. See this page for more information.

  • Yes, that is my main plan for this new graphic novel once it is completed.

  • The tools I will be using the most are Poser 11 Pro, Photoshop CS6, XDresser 4, Blacksmith3D 6, and Zbrush 4.5. I will also be using several Photoshop plugins, Poser scripts, etc. Digital art can be a very complex process if you want to do it right.

  • I might post it at a future date but I’m not sure when. Part of me doesn’t want it to see the light of day again because it is so flawed but several people have been asking me to re-post it so I’m conflicted. If I do re-post it, I’ll announce when and where on this site. Stay tuned to the News.

  • It would probably be rated PG-13 or a very soft R. There’s some violence, brief nudity, and a peppering of basic profanity (I’m doing my best to leave out my favorite F-word). So it would be rated like a basic modern blockbuster action movie level of PG-13. None of the “usual rated content” is to the extreme so there’s no excessive violence or gore. Just enough of everything to be semi-realistic.

  • My main influences for the novel are those that you can probably guess; Indiana Jones, the older Tomb Raider games (not really into the latest reboot), the Mummy and Mummy Returns, maybe a little Romancing the Stone. I’ve been asked about Uncharted but I’ve never owned a PS3 or PS4 so I’ve never played any of the Uncharted games. I’d like to but have never had the opportunity.

  • Contact me and ask your question(s). I will answer all messages as soon as I am able to which is usually within a few hours depending on the time of day and what projects I am working on at the time.

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